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The challenge of traditional hiring.

Despite the best efforts, many organizations find themselves trapped in a cycle of turnover and underperformance, all stemming from misaligned hiring decisions. The reliance on traditional metrics like IQ and personality tests overlooks the critical element of operational fit, leading to costly mismatches that affect not just the bottom line but also organizational culture and employee morale.

Introducing the FitPredict™️ System


The most accurate way to assess candidates' fit. 

Our system is a game-changer in hiring, uniquely designed to assess the operational fit between candidates, their potential roles, and their future managers. We blend seamlessly with your existing HR processes, adding a layer of predictive and objective data that makes your hiring decisions not just easier, but smarter.


Operational Fit: The Key to Performance

Operational fit is THE most reliable and valid indicator of a person's long-term performance in a role. By focusing on this critical factor, the FitPredict™️ System empowers you to make hiring decisions with unprecedented accuracy and confidence.


How our system works for you:

Request an Evaluation

When you're ready to fill a new role or assess a potential candidate, simply submit a request through our platform. This initiates our comprehensive assessment process, tailored to your specific needs.

Candidate and Role Assessment

Upon receiving your request, we immediately set to work on evaluating the demands of the role and the suitability of your candidates. Our expert team conducts a detailed analysis to develop a science-backed profile for the position and assesses each candidate's fit using our proprietary evaluation tools.

In-depth Analysis and Reporting

We deliver the findings in an easy-to-understand report, providing you with a clear "fit grade" for each candidate. Alongside this, you'll receive our formal recommendation on whether a candidate should advance in your hiring process, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Support and Guidance

Throughout the evaluation process and beyond, our team is available for on-demand coaching and support. Whether you have questions about the assessment results, need advice on integrating a new hire, or are looking for guidance on any aspect of the hiring process, we're here to help.

Data Tracking and Insights

What truly sets our system apart is our commitment to tracking the long-term performance of every hire. This ongoing analysis provides you with tangible, org-specific data on the effectiveness of your hiring decisions. Over time, you'll gain invaluable insights into how well your hiring practices are predicting success, allowing you to continually refine and improve your processes. This feature is not just an add-on; it's a core part of our service designed to ensure your hiring strategy is backed by solid evidence of what works best for your organization.

Learn how our client saw a 30% increase in employee performance and a 42% reduction in turnover by using our system. 



Why choose FitPredict?

  • Enhance your hiring process without overhauling it.
  • Make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep all stakeholders updated with real-time communication.
  • Access expert support and coaching when you need it.
  • Utilize post-hire data to refine and perfect your hiring strategy.

The right hires today mean fewer

HR headaches tomorrow. 

Embrace a future where each hire not only fits seamlessly into their role, but also enriches your organizational culture and contributes to a fulfilling workplace for everyone. With FitPredict™, operational fit and employee satisfaction take center stage, ensuring long-term success and reduced turnover.

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