When your employees are fulfilled, you win too.

We'll show you how to consistently hire & develop top performers by creating a fulfilling workplace.


UNfulfilled employees are leaving your company.

Or worse, they are staying. 

1 in 3 workers

are willing to consider lower pay for a more fulfilling job.

64% of workers

want fulfilling work (only 28% want engaging work).

7 out of 10 workers

would consider an offer for a more fulfilling job.


*Source: CECP, Imperative, PwC's Fulfillment at Work Survey, November 2018

Are unfulfilled employees 

weighing your company down?


Unfulfilled employees are unproductive, disengaged, and inefficient. Not to mention, they are actively working to leave your company. And they let everyone know how bad it is to work for you.


In contrast, fulfilled employees - those who are in roles that align with their unique skills, passions, AND talents - are highly productive, engaged, and efficient. They are brand ambassadors for your company and highly motivated toward your vision.


Creating a fulfilling workplace is not only the right thing to do, it's good for business. It's also the only way to strike a sustainable win-win between you and your employees.


"People who live their purpose at work are more productive than people who don’t. They are also healthier, more resilient, and more likely to stay at the company."

                                                           - McKinsey & Company, 2021

What if your employees were in roles that align with their skills, passions, AND talents?

This doesn't have to be a pipe dream, or something you stumble upon by chance. Partner with us to take the guesswork out of people decisions so you can accomplish the vision for your company.




You would move your employees off the bench and into the game.



You would help your team get more done with less effort.



You would stop losing money through inefficiencies and wasted effort.

How We Help



People Analytics & Strategy

Make confident, data-driven decisions about your greatest asset.




Select the best candidate for the job - every time.



Workshops & Training

Develop your team's understanding and enhance performance.




Guide team members to new levels of success and fulfillment.


What Business Leaders Are Saying

We pride ourselves in having repeat clients. Our work is so powerful that clients keep coming back. That says a lot.


"We grew annual sales from $10 million to $40 million in no small part to greater understanding of employees’ conative bent and approach to productivity." 

Fred Baker

Baker Installations

"Working with Emily is some of the best money I’ve ever spent as a CEO. The value comes not only from her expertise – which is deep and vast – but her laser insight into a company’s health and her understanding of what people, including C-Suite, need to succeed. The work Emily did with us was incredibly eye-opening and potent. It’s well beyond anything traditional ‘HR’ might bring to mind. Emily is a true accelerator for organizational growth and sustainability.‚Äč"

Tasha Gideon


"Launch Consulting has played an integral part in helping us grow our firm in an optimal manner. Their keen insights into the makeup of our current employees allows us to be smarter with our hiring decisions. Their analysis is invaluable to helping us build a better team.

Bill Belko

Roble Belko & Associates

"I personally found it fascinating, eye-opening, and extremely relevant to how we put our office staff together. We are all working more in the area of our Unique Value. We have a better understanding of how to work together as a team. We found an understanding of how to better segregate our work tasks. We are more productive in our individual tasks and more satisfied to be doing so." 

Caroline Rearick

Prudential Financial

"Emily is impressive. She helped our team zero in on our individual unique abilities and intuitively AND scientifically align/rearrange each of our activities and roles so we performed more powerfully together. Results were evident immediately and each member had a new sense of purpose and clarity in what their strengths and best contributions are to the business. It was if Emily gave me a lens that revealed a whole new insight and understanding in the unique strengths of my staff--and myself as a leader. I use it as a great predictor when hiring new people--and accepting new clients!" 

Brian Cubarney


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