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3 Questions Business Leaders Should Ask in the New Year

annual planning goal setting new year personal development strengths team building yearly planning Jan 12, 2021
The New Year is a great opportunity to review your personal and company health


It's a New Year, which means a fresh start.

Most likely, you are taking this opportunity to review your personal and company health. That said, we have some important questions for you.

This exercise will only take a few minutes but, if taken seriously, can change the course of your entire year. It's also a great activity to work through with your whole team.​

So pull out your pen and let's get going!​


First Question:

What tasks exhaust me, while also producing little results?​ 

Now consider how you can minimize wasted effort.

How can I delegate, automate or rethink these tasks?


Second Question:

What tasks do I naturally gravitate toward?​

Now consider how you can lean into your strengths.

How can I maximize, replicate, or take on more of these tasks?


Third Question:

When does my team experience gridlock, frustration, and progress-killers?​

Now consider how you can better leverage your team.

How can we fill the "missing gaps?" How can we remix partnerships/workgroups for more effective collaboration?


The more time you spend thinking through these questions, the more your productivity and success will increase.

And don’t feel limited to an annual check-up. Feel free to revisit these questions every 6 months, quarterly, or even monthly.


Well done.

Now that you've gone through this exercise, you're well on your way to a fresh start in the new year!

What's the first action you plan to take?



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