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Our clients don't lose sleep

over people problems. 

If you've spent restless nights worrying over team issues, we're here to help. We boost your company's success by helping your people thrive. We build workplaces where employees are fully engaged, their contributions are valued, and their growth aligns with company goals. With targeted, data-driven solutions, we improve hiring, talent management, and employee development, ensuring your company thrives with a motivated and high-performing.


HR challenges we're experts at solving


  • High turnover rates
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent acquisition
  • Pre-hire assessments
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management


  • Change management
  • Stress and burnout prevention
  • Role alignment
  • Team dynamics optimization
  • Absenteeism reduction
  • Training and development programs


  • Workplace culture enhancement
  • Employee retention
  • Succession planning
  • Organizational restructuring
  • HR strategy development
  • Workplace morale

What Sets Us Apart


Unique Expertise in Natural Instincts 

Unlike our competitors who focus mainly on skills and personality, we delve deeper. We understand that long-term performance is rooted in aligning people’s natural instincts with their work roles. Our expertise in identifying and nurturing these instincts sets us apart, ensuring that every employee not only fits their role but excels in it.

Data-Driven Insights

Every recommendation we make is backed by solid data. We continuously explore the assessment landscape to bring you the most valid and reliable instruments available. This commitment to high-quality data means our strategies and solutions lead to more effective, measurable outcomes.

Breadth of Experience 

Our experience spans across a spectrum of industries and company sizes—from Fortune 500 giants to small family-owned businesses, and from local to international markets. This extensive exposure gives us a unique perspective on a variety of business challenges and cultural dynamics, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific needs no matter your size, industry, or location.

Integrity and Quality in Assessments

We promise not to compromise on quality. Our rigorous selection process for tools and methodologies means you can trust in the accuracy and relevance of our assessments. With Launch Consulting, you’re choosing a partner who values integrity and efficacy, ensuring that you make the best decisions based on the best data.

When it comes to assessments,

we don't settle. 

We use the best tools and assessments available to ensure that we deliver top-tier services to our clients. A cornerstone of our toolkit is The Kolbe System™️, a science-backed methodology that helps us understand and unleash the natural strengths of individuals within your organization.


Our Values 


Fight for freedom.

We reject the notion that there’s only one way to achieve a result. We celebrate the many approaches to problem-solving and give space and freedom to accomplish results. We will relentlessly fight for this freedom for our team and our clients.


Care like it’s your family.

We treat every client and team member like it’s our mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter. We give others the same dignity and respect as we do our closest loved ones. We also take every interaction seriously, knowing that our work - if done right - impacts people’s lives forever and may change the course of their future.

Act with purpose.

We believe our ability to do this work is a result of the rich blessings and opportunities we've been given. It is with a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility that we approach our work, committing to honor these gifts through integrity, excellence, and a pursuit of wisdom in all our endeavors.


Get a “wow” every time.

We won’t settle for a mediocre interaction with a client. We are only satisfied if we “wow” those we serve and make them feel a tremendous value for their investment with our company.

Meet The Team 

We're passionate data-enthusiasts and people-advocates excited to support you in achieving your business and HR initiatives.

Emily Melious

CEO, SHRM-SCP, Principal Consultant

With a career spanning nearly two decades in human resources, Emily Melious is a visionary leader and an esteemed advocate for workplace fulfillment. As the founder of Launch Consulting, Emily has dedicated herself to transforming organizational cultures to not only boost productivity but also enrich lives. Her proprietary Fulfillment Formula® has been pivotal in reshaping how companies, from Global 500 giants to impactful non-profits, engage and develop their workforce.

A certified SHRM-SCP and a Certified Kolbe Consultant, Emily's expertise in aligning personal strengths with organizational goals has made her a sought-after expert, appearing in over 25 podcasts and various industry panels. Her approach is not just about filling roles but creating environments where every employee can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Carol Murphy

Operations Lead

Carol brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, blending her many years of experience in talent acquisition with an early career in accounting and auditing. She worked for several global enterprises, including KPMG, Staples, CVS, and UKG (formerly Kronos). She's been instrumental in hiring top talent for many functional disciplines, shaping world-class teams that drive organizational success.

Carol's expertise goes beyond mere recruitment; she is a strategist who ensures that every hire is not only a fit but a driver of growth. Known for her sharp attention to detail, masterful systematization, and a knack for seamless execution, Carol's work is pivotal in minimizing risks and enhancing operational efficiency at Launch Consulting.

Her dedication and skill in shaping dynamic teams align perfectly with our mission of creating inspiring and fulfilling workplaces where every employee is poised for success.

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